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 ## References ## References
-1. Amin M Khan, Umit C Buyuksahin, Felix Freitag. ​_[Distributed Architecture for Cloud System tailored ​for Wireless ​Community ​Networks](https://​​app/​research-reports/​html/​research_center_index-XCSD-2013,ca.html)_Department of Computer Architecture,​ Universitat Politècnica ​de Catalunya. Technical Report \#​UPC-DAC-RR-XCSD-2013-4. Barcelona, Spain. ​May 2013.+1. Amin M Khan, Felix Freitag. ​Sparks in the Fog: Social and Economic Mechanisms as Enablers ​for Community ​Network Clouds. In ADCAIJAdvances in Distributed Computing and Artificial Intelligence Journal3(8). Universidad ​de Salamanca, Spain. ​2014. 
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