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Several of our experiments are reported in detail in our scientific papers. You can find references to our papers in

Cloudy installation

We have tested the Cloudy installation on different single-board computer (SBC) hardware and architectures, among others: Jetway barebone devices, Alix, BeagleBoardBlack, Cubiboard, olinuxio, RaspberryPI etc.

Avahi-Tinc discovery service

We evaluated in experiments the performance of the Avahi-Tinc discovery service mechanism. This work has been accepted as publication but is not yet published.

BitTorrent Experiment

This experiment tests BitTorrent in the Confine testbed. You can watch the entire demo at: or read the tutorial at

BitTorrent was also evaluated when running in the community cloud.


This experiments deploys a distributed set of Tahoe storage servers in on a large testbed slice combining CONFINE slivers and CLOMMUNITY VMs.

In this experiment we are creating a TAHOE-LAFS storage GRID, which combines the CONFINE slivers, CLOMMUNITY VMs, and local VMs.

Please follow the link for the experiment.



We evaluated XtreemFS and Tahoe-LAFs under heterogeneous community cloud environments.


We have made an initial evaluation of Peerstreamer when we have deployed it in the community cloud.

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